OLEs at GetYourSchool School are more than fun excursions. They are carefully thought through and planned experiences, which map to curriculum, as well as embed interpersonal skills in students. In and Around the City ?Students visit traffic parks, farms and sites of historical importance under the guidance of expert mentors, keeping the curriculum in mind. Outstation Trips within India ? Organized for students from grade 5 onwards, these trips build greater interpersonal skills, an appreciation of nature, as well as an exploration and understanding of local communities and culture. In the senior classes, students also pick up tasks/projects, which contribute towards the good of the community they interact with while on the trip. Projects include farming activities, building fences or painting walls at the local school, learning local cooking practices, etc. International Exchanges ? In this globally integrated world, we constantly create opportunities for international interactions for our students. Such international exchanges foster understanding of global cultures, values, and of course, of diversity, at a young age. Many of these exchanges are curated arts and sports trips, while others are cultural and academic exchanges.
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