GetYourSchool (GYS) is a digital platform that brings together schools, parents, and students with a sole objective of organizing the segment in a way that would facilitate better understanding and more clarity about schools across the country. With the country’s education system progressing in an era that has a healthy of mix conventional and contemporary ways of teaching, choosing the right school is increasingly becoming a challenge. Today, identifying and getting a child’s admission in the school of your choice has become a haunting task in a parent’s life. Realising this, GYS aims to bring to you an established forum where you can, not only identify the right institute for your child based on his strengths and needs but also draw a comparative analysis basis location preferability, fee structures, board affiliation, extra-curricular activities and various other components.

Launched in January 2019, GetYourSchool gathers regular update on important announcements such as admission notices, inter-school/intra school competition schedules, new launches, cultural performances and significant news from schools of every nook of the country. Presently operating in Delhi/NCR, GetYourSchool is constantly working on spreading its wings in tier I and tier II cities.



1. What is GetYourSchool (GYS)?

GetYourSchool is a digital platform that aims at providing students and parents a single window view of the schools available in a particular location or any location of their choice in India. In addition to listing the schools, the platform also enables parents/guardians to have a broader understanding of the happenings, events, competitions, extra-curricular activities and so on.

2. Are there any registration fees?

There are no registration fees for signing up.

3. How will it work?

On registering with us, you will be receiving an email id and password to login and visit our website for details and other interesting relevant updates. In addition to that, you will also receive regular newsletters to your registered email id which will have key highlights of the month, latest announcements, reports, articles of your interest.

4. How to register?

You need to click on….


1. How is GYS going to benefit the schools?

Our aim is to create a mutually beneficial platform for the schools and for parents/guardians. By registering yourself on GYS you will be able to reach out to a larger parent-student group. You will be able to leverage our digital communication channel you can ensure higher visibility of your institution and bringforth your successes and any announcements, developments that you may want to disseminate.

2. How will it work?

On signing up with us you will have special page and an individual access…

3. Are there any registration fees?

There are no registration fees for signing up

4. Can anyone from GYS help us regularly to update our page? Are there any costs involved in it?

Yes, we can help you update your page on regular basis and this does not involve any cost.

5. Can we load pictures and videos?

Yes, you can load pictures as well as videos on your page, however you have keep in mind the specifications mentioned on the site to load them.

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